Commercial renovations and remodeling come in many shapes and sizes. Our clients might need a conversion of a warehouse space to office space or fixing structural issues that are damaging their building.  There is no “cookie cutter” approach.  Every client has their own requirements, creative ideas, and budgets.

When you choose Stress Free Custom Homes you get a team of dedicated professionals working together to guarantee that your project is a success.  And we keep your remodeling project on track and provide you with detailed information about your choices and options at ever stage of the project.

Although most new buildings adapt easily to renovation projects, older buildings require particular care and attention.  The contractor needs a deep understanding and experience with increased structural demands, working with aging electrical and plumbing systems and dealing with the potential presence of asbestos and lead-based paints. At Stress Free Custom Homes we are licensed general contractor, plumber, and heating and air contractor.  By having these crews in house, we bring real experience and know how to your project at reasonable cost.  The subcontractor we use to handle the other trades have been working with us on projects successfully for many years.

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