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Direct Mail

Stress Free Custom Homes sends targeted direct mail pieces to property owners.  We either buy vacant lots or acquire a lot with an existing home to tear down.  This type of marketing allows us access to “off-market” lots to build custom homes for our clients, regardless of market conditions and in some of the best locations in Tampa.

Market Realtor Relations

The owners of Stress Free Custom Homes are constantly in the market for quality, buildable lots.  So, we are always speaking with Realtors, Home Owners, and Investors.  Since 1999, our efforts in this area generate significant buying opportunities of homes for tear down or vacant lots in high demand areas of Tampa.  Since we close with cash and do not need a client who wants the lot at that exact moment, we often are the first call on these opportunities.

Estate Sales

We regularly buy properties and vacant lots from estates.  The previous owner has passed away and the property is in probate.  This probate process is often tricky to navigate, so if the client doesn’t have a good probate attorney, we are happy to recommend one.  Plus, we can promise to buy their property for cash and close immediately as soon as the probate is complete.  This gives piece of mind to the heirs, since they know we will be around to buy the property, even if it takes a year or more.